Pokémon McDonald's Happy Meals returns to the UK

Is it too early for games to be scarlet and purple? (Photo: Nintendo Live)

Happy meals are obtained Pokemon played back in August, but don’t be surprised if McDonald’s imposes some restrictions.

Last year, as part of celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise, McDonald’s got a special promotion selling Happy Meals.

It was more of an American thing, but it made its way here to the UK for a limited time. If you missed out, you’ll be glad to know that those Pokémon Happy Meals are on their way back in just a couple of months.

There has been no official announcement by McDonald’s or The Pokémon Company, but word is that the show will start on August 3rd, immediately replacing the Paddington Bear deal currently in place.

There is nothing yet about what kind of goodies they will come in or how long the promotion will last.

The obvious assumption is that it will include unique special trading cards, since that’s what was handed out in the last Pokémon-themed Happy Meals.

This news comes from a leaked image of promotional material, which was sent anonymously to Nintendo Live. It only depicts the mascot Pikachu along with the phrase “Coming soon to Happy Meal”.

It might be too early to expect games or cards to be centered around Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. Although these are the next major games, they won’t be shown until November and the details about them are tightly kept.

Don’t be surprised if McDonald’s once again imposes restrictions and limits the number of Happy Meals you can buy.

This is because during the last promotion some people were buying Happy Meals in bulk with the sole purpose of collecting as many cards as possible and selling them at exorbitant prices online.

This practice does not seem to have stopped because a quick Google search reveals Paddington Happy Meal games On eBay too. Although the prices for those are nowhere near as high, not even breaking £10.

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