Quietly, Instagram has limited the possibilities of the post to set a daily limit

Without saying a word, Instagram changed the feature to set a daily limit for the app. This is an essential function as it allows the most addictive users to stay away from the app. Now it’s more lenient.

as I noticed that TechCrunchIt is no longer possible to set a daily limit on Instagram. Previously, it was possible to set a limit of 10 or 15 minutes for the application. Once this limit was reached, Instagram sent users a notification advising them to close the app.

But now, you can use up to 3 hours per day with a minimum of 30 minutes. Therefore, all users who set the 15-minute limit received a notification on their app’s home screen informing them of these changes.

change direction

Instagram added this feature to its app in 2018 to encourage its users to easily engage with social networks. In fact, it must be said that Instagram has been heavily criticized by critics and the app in particular has been singled out, considering it as a danger to the users’ well-being. So this daily limit was a way to calm the situation by showing her credentials.

But today, the growth of Meta (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) is slowing down and we have to find something to revive it. Therefore, it is interesting for users to spend more time on Instagram. Because whoever says more time spent on app says more time in front of ads. This is good for dead.

Take a Break

As a result, users can now set 30 minutes or more of daily use. Furthermore, TechCrunch specifies that if a user who used this feature prior to the update refuses to change their daily limit, the app will automatically close. More options, so.

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Following the TechCrunch article, Meta responded. The company explains that this change is linked to the launch of a new time management feature, which it calls “Take A Break.” However, the new “Take a Break” feature is not mentioned anywhere in the app nor is anything explained to users who were using the daily limit on Instagram.

“We have two time management features. The current Daily Limit sends you a notification when you reach your daily limit, but the new Take A Break feature sends you full-screen reminders to exit the app, every 10 minutes. We’ve changed the Daily Limit options to avoid Send multiple notifications at the same time. »

Dead in TechCrunch

Instagram, via CNN

lo here, cThis is what CNN showed last DecemberHowever, this Take a Break feature does not prompt users to exit the app. It’s quite the opposite actually. For example, the app advises users to “take a few deep breaths” before continuing to browse the app. So Meta and Instagram’s intentions seem clear…

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