Christopher Nkunku und seine Kollegen bejubeln das 1:0.

Leipzig. RB Leipzig has had the most significant victory in the battle for nostalgia for the Champions League 4th spot. In a fight with TSG Hoffenheim, one of the two direct rivals, the Saxons easily and easily won the already determined 3-0 victory (3-0) 45 minutes later. In the table, runner-up from last season is still in fourth place, three points ahead of SC Freiburg and now seven points ahead of TSG.


RP coach Dominico Tedesco transferred the starting eleven to several positions, including Emil Forsberg, Dominic Sophosloi and Marcel Holstenberg. For the latter, it was the first game to be kick-off in 323 days. From the start of the game, the hosts took the initiative and set the path to victory early on. Christopher Enkung scored just six minutes later, but had to wait a long time to celebrate. Because referee Bastian Dunkert had initially decided offside. VAR fixed. It was the hosts ’first chance and he pressed it and quickly converted it to 2-0. After Conrad Lymer had already lost the ball after his quick start, the ball went to Holstenberg, who was shot and hit the far corner from the left (20 ‘). The cheers of his teammates were especially heartwarming. After a short break, the RB continued their march as Dunkert allowed the Muslim footballers to break their fast during Ramadan. Hafenheim, who received a free kick from Andre Cramric in the 40th minute, was in danger for the first time. Kate is high but on the other side. Nkunku put Szoboszlai (44th) 3-0.

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Click: Notes for RB-Elf are as follows

(1) Peter Gulasi: Got nothing in the cottage, stays by himself, primarily Libero and Stoic milk distributors. Grade 2


Tedesco did something based on load control early in the second half, bringing Tyler Adams to long-distance runner Lymer. With secure leadership in the back, RB was no longer very deliberate and consistent, almost seemingly playful in one or the other scene. For their part, TSG tried to stop Leipzig’s built-up game early on, but they posed no danger. Tedesco meanwhile made three changes to the scoreboard (62nd) and the upcoming second leg of the Europa League in Bergamo. Storing grain was the order of the day, and considering the harmlessness of Hafenheim’s attack, there was not much risk.


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