Maria Giovanna Magli Laugh Enrico Letta. The Democratic Party Secretary was a guest on the Sunday, July 24 episode of half an hour more, a program Lucia Annunziata Broadcast on Rai 3. Here Lita returned to talk about the government crisis and resignation Mario Draghi. “I have no doubt that on Wednesday evening in the Russian embassy there was a toast to vodka and caviar and that Putin was more satisfied after the fall of Boris Johnson in London.”

still. “There is no doubt that much has changed on the chessboard, in the international balance. It is an event of not only Italian but heavy European.” It is enough for the journalist to let out a stinging chirping: “To the Russian Embassy They roasted vodka and caviar“.Enrico Letta must be really desperate if he continues to resort to such miserable and miserable arguments.”

Just a few days ago, for the same sentence, he attacked Magley Luigi Di Maio. In fact, the foreign minister had said: “My heart is crying out to see you in Moscow Dmitry Medvedev He was toasting because Mario Draghi’s head was presented to Vladimir Putin on a silver platter. Autocratic regimes are absorbing and democracies are weaker. Europe is also weaker without this government, and the journalist immediately replied: “It’s no joke, the head of Italian diplomacy speaks like that.”


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