European Union, Crosetto shocks: “Let's find unity.  “We need programmes, not names.”

Europe is currently unable to reach agreement on the appointment of its senior representatives. Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto issued a warning to political leaders in an interview with Il Sole 24 Ore: “The future European Commission and the future structure of the European institutions, at the moment, do not need speed, but they do.” Compactness, they need thought, they need depth. The issue is not really, and should never be, nominal, that is, limited to the choice of names, no matter how important or loud they may be. The issue today, more than ever, is choosing the program of the next European Union government.”

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“The fundamental problem,” Crosetto reiterates, “is not to say, ‘Let’s hurry, let’s hurry.’” The aim is not to show off at the choice of names made in one day, the key is to understand the path we want Europe to take in the coming years. “We have open problems that have not been talked about for a long time, and they relate to our economic development, our industrial development, and the development of our survival as a continent.”

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Next, the Fratelli d'Italia founder is asked to provide more information about the centre-right government's possible support for the re-nomination of Ursula von der Leyen: “I prefer not to comment on names, but the Europe project is important. Do we want to recover what we lost or not? In recent years, we have turned Europe to a place where there is no need to produce, there is no need to pollute, and the only discussion allowed is the issue of more and more rights and less and less duties. I think that the people of common sense who lead Europe will want to understand where they are going before choosing who will lead them Since Giorgia Meloni will fight for substance, then, for heaven's sake, we live in a time where substance does not matter, and form does not matter. I hope there will be a more serious approach. We deserve more and better.

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