Record weekend with anticyclone Apollo, mid-August temperatures reached 33 degrees Celsius

Blue Italy

It has never been as hot in October with record temperatures as it is in mid-August! The anomalous temperatures will continue into the impending and now TBD weekend Specifically moving from the current to the next month. Record values ​​await us.

Therefore, we are witnessing another unusual meteorological phase characterized by the presence of a huge anticyclone (which we call… Apollo) which currently covers a very long corridor extending from Morocco, through the Iberian Peninsula and part of the Mediterranean basin, to the eastern part of the ancient continent.
At our latitudes, high pressure takes on African characteristics, and appears distinctly warmer. For this reason, we expect a weekend that is not only largely stable and sunny, but also the warmest of the season. We are in fact talking about record values, with peaks that may even exceed a threshold 30°C, Especially in many areas of the center and north.

The maximum temperatures expected for Sunday, October 1 are alarming
: The new month will open under the banner of truly exceptional heat, especially for Po Valley And for some Inland areas of the center such as Tuscany and Lazio: It will be possible to touch the peaks near it 32/33 degrees Celsius!

Not just hot, though! A rather rare event is about to happen in our country, something that will affect all regions at the same time: the skies will be clear and calm everywhere.
It may seem trivial, but the fact is that there is practically not a cloud in the sky over our entire territory exceptional. Not even in summer, when African cyclones dominate, are the skies completely clear, mostly because of the moisture that intervenes and causes clouds, albeit harmless.

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In short, in all our cities and even in the mountains we will not have any clouds! This can be clearly seen from the map of Central Europe that we propose below in relation to it Cover of clouds Wait for Sunday 1 October: color Heavenly It is for reference Absence of clouds

Cloud cover map expected for Sunday, October 1: Italy is all blue with no clouds
But how would something like this be possible? This is due to two factors, and perhaps three: the first is existenceAfrican hurricane Apollo Which will ensure complete atmospheric stability; The second is Low air humidity The third is existence North winddrier and therefore not a harbinger of cloudiness.


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