Red Bull International Final Battle 2021 LINK - Watch Stick Battles and Jair Wong Live
The Red Bull International Final Battle 2021 will take place on December 11th in Chile.

Thanks to the Red Bull campaign, free Dominate Latin America with the various duels that live in Gallus battlesMatches where we can see freestylers show off the tracks and their talent for improvisation. Two years after the event was suspended due to the pandemic, the organization decided to rank by country. Only the best will reach Red Bull International Final Battle 2021to be held in Chile on Saturday 11 December.

In the official competition there is a presence of Peruvians. Two talented “roosters” managed to get a place for this year. The cast is Jair Wong, the last to qualify for the Plazas Championship, the experienced stickman, and the last testified before and after in the freestyle swimming in Peru with a history of accomplishments he added since its inception. Below, we present their profiles so you can meet and support them on our Red Bull TV live stream.

stick profile

Rentria Reyes Stick nació el 12 de julio de 1996. En 2011, comenzó improvisando con 15 años en la crew Urban City, y dos años después llegaría a la final nacional de Red Bull Batalla Perú 2013, evento donde ganó la competencia convirtiéndose en una gran promesa del freestyle Peruvian. Seven years later, in 2020, he achieved the coveted title for the second time, won the champion twice and will triple his success in 2021, when he was crowned the national champion again.

The MC is located in the neighborhood of Mangomarca, in the neighborhood of San Juan de Lurigancho. The Red Bull podium recognizes him for his great ability with rhymes and his intelligence. “He is currently one of the most experienced rappers, with over 140 titles in regional, national and international finals, as well as in groups.”

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2013 Red Bull Battle Peru National Champion

2020 Red Bull Battle Peru National Champion

2021 Red Bull Battle Peru National Championship

Profile of Jier Wong

Jair Wong He has a fairly large curriculum, being the International Champion of Sucresta, Code 031 as well as DEM Battles and Pura Calle and a two-time Intercollegiate Champion. He also reached the Red Bull Batalla final in 2013.

The 2021 team agreed to qualify directly after winning the championship title on the Freestyle Championship program organized by Peruvian TV.

Peru is the champion of the tournament seats and is the last to qualify for the international final to be held in Chile. He achieved his share after beating the rhyme-filled wit Imigrante, jokker and Wolf.

Red Bull asks: “Who would you like to face in the final battle of the International Final?”

– “I don’t know who I’m going to say, but it would be great with Stick, because we are both Peruvians, and a final Peruvian would be my dream.”

Batala de los Galos: Postcard for the wand champion in the 2020 National Final. Saturday a new edition of the art of improvisation will take place in Peru.  (Red Bull)
Battle of the Roosters: Stick Postal Champion at the 2020 National Final. A new edition of the art of improvisation takes place on Saturday in Peru. (Red Bull)

Watch the live broadcast of the Red Bull International Final

All Latin American freestyle fans can follow the live stream and broadcast through the official Red Bull platforms. He knows all the details and links of the international competition.

There are 3 platforms that will handle live broadcasts:

– Red Bull International Final Battle 2021 – Red Bull TV on YouTube

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– Red Bull International Final Battle 2021 – Official Website

Red Bull International Final Battle 2021 – Red Bull Batalla Android App | Red Bull Batalla iOS App

If you are in Peru, you can set it Movistar Sports (3 and 714 from Movistar) where the event will be broadcast.

Red Bull International Final Schedule

Peru: 7:00 p.m.

Chile: 9:00 p.m.

Brazil: 9:00 p.m.

Mexico: 7:00 p.m.

Ecuador: 7:00 p.m.

Colombia: 7:00 p.m.

Argentina: 7:00 pm

Bolivia: 8:00 pm

Venezuela: 8:00 pm

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