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With Kevin Durant’s injury, the biggest blow to the Nets’ side. The latter injured his thigh after a concussion. New stay at hospital for winger discovering James Horton.

Back sites for a few meetings, Kevin Torrent He hoped to play several games to restart its progress. When it comes to playoffs, this is the perfect time for the winger, already best with the Nets. Yes, but here, the wounds have decided to get more involved.

This Sunday night, while the Nets were on the ground against the heat, Trevor was in contact with K.D. He quickly got off the ground before being announced to the rest of the crowd.

Kevin Durant was sidelined for the rest of the game with a concussion in his left thigh.

Torrent was injured, while he spun towards the circle. Ariza contacts him and No. 7 complains about his thigh. More than a rebirth, we can see it as a real blow, which is worrying.

We are now waiting for news from the winger and he will quickly pick up the picks to find out more. We fear the worst in the Nets, at least not for several weeks: the club’s biggest blow.

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The curse still strikes Kevin Durant, who continues to be injured. It starts to do a lot for the winger who believes it won’t be too bad. We hold our breath in Brooklyn.


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