Republicans hang on to Biden as an ‘easy win’ over a crumbling investment plan

Republican-elected officials on Sunday said they could support a light version of Democrat Joe Biden’s infrastructure investment plan, arguing that the U.S. president could thus achieve an “easy victory” backed by both parties.

Republican Sen. Roy Blunt thus called on Democrats to focus on regular transport infrastructure and drop the high costs Joe Biden wants to fight climate change.

“I have contacted the White House twice, ‘If you tighten this plan around infrastructure you can easily succeed with the support of both sides,’ ‘Roy Blunt told ABC.

He added that without the support of the Republicans, the Biden administration would not have been able to prevent the remaining measures from being taken separately.

The Republican senator said he regrets the plan because it provided more funding for electric vehicle charging stations than upgrading infrastructure such as roads.

“When people think about infrastructure, they think about roads, bridges, ports and airports,” he said.

Since Mitch McConnell, President of the Republican Senators, has promised to “fight” the Biden program “at every stage.” This opening of Blunt is very important.

The Democratic president wants to invest about $ 2 trillion in eight years. He wants to fund his project by raising the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%.

When asked if he could get the support of some Republicans, Transport Minister Pete Pattick replied on ABC: “I think it could be.”

The Minister called for the adoption of a broader definition of “traditional infrastructure”, including the construction of facilities to provide high-speed Internet access or the replacement of lead pipes. He reiterated that the project could create 19 million jobs.

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An important fact underscored by Brian Dees, director of the White House Economic Council, who knew that before the epidemic of COVID-19, there were “8.4 million fewer jobs in the United States than there were a year ago.”

He told Fox News: “Not only will we have a strong employment recovery this year, we will be able to maintain it for many years to come. That is the goal.”


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