Ricardo Gareca on Christian Benavente:
Chaval reached League 1 this season.

Ricardo Gareca responded in a press conference to various questions raised by the media after 29 players were invited to the South American qualifiers. Among the questions asked by “Tiger” Christian Benaventewho signed Alianza Lima and began to make a bigger appearance in League 1 2022.

“When we went to Egypt to watch Benavente, we noticed that this league was not at the level of what he could offer as a player. We would prefer Alienza Lima to come before the Egyptian League and it is a big club and the pressure to win is permanent,” commented the Argentine strategist from La Vidina on Friday, March 11 We will follow it closely.

Garica talks about Christian Benavente | Video: Movistar Sports

Benavente took 11th place in the alliance:

After playing three dates while entering the second half, Cristian Benavente joined Carlos Bustos’ eleven squad. This is due to Hernan Barcos being suspended for accumulating yellow cards. The duel against FBC will be this new, as well as the inclusion of Aldair Fuente in the midfield.

will be in arc Angelo Campos. The three line will remain with Jordi Filches, Pablo Megues And the Christian Ramos. The two will be ozlimg mora And the Ricardo Lagos. meters in front of them will be Josepmir Ballon, Edgar Benitez And the Pablo Lavandera I would have won the wrestling match. Jairo Concha. The duo in the attack consists of Christian Benavente And the monastery Rodriguez.


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