Sportivo Lucinho did not overcome a goalless draw with River Plate in the 17th round of the Clausura Championship. With this result, in addition to Sol de America’s victory, Oriazole will have to play a play-off to stay in the First Division against Sportivo Emiliano.

The Sportivo Lucinio visited the downstairs River Plate I hope to win and I hope so America’s sun Not going to add to three. The auriazul group reached the 17th date of ending Five points less on average for the dancer, who was playing with her at the same time National.

Chanchon’s situation is rather complicated not on his own and has just reached a tie with Libertad. El Quilito, who knew the decline in the previous history when it fell into the hands of Guarani, worked as a local in the Defensores del Chaco.

As a result of their urgency, those led by Badayco Maciel got a better presentation in the first half. At least it was more intense with shots on the opposing goal. Librado Azcona had to step in some to maintain his passive fence.

El Kelito wanted a decent farewell and during the meeting he managed to annoy Pablo Gavilan. However, the auctions did not carry greater risks. For the second half, this procedure was extended on startup. However, as the minutes passed, it was the Riverside team that was responsible for flirting with the first goal of the match.

The draw was completed without goals with the final whistle for Giancarlos Guliadoza, Sportivo Lucino did not do what he wanted, and at Villa Elisa Sol de America was scoring. With these results, Luque’s team, in its centenary year, will have to play the rematch to continue in Serie A against Sportivo Ameliano, the team that finished fourth on average and will fight for promotion.

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