As the 10-year anniversary of When Calls the Heart draws near, show executive producer Brian Bird claims that with a season 10 pick up from Hallmark Channel, the beloved period drama will continue “no matter what”. The show has a lengthy story and plans to finish telling it no matter what. The heartwarming, faith-inflected show has struck a chord with audiences that are craving wholesome television,” Bird said in a recent interview with JLJ Media.


The TV show When Calls the Heart began in 2014 and quickly won over Hallmark Channel viewers. The series recently wrapped up its ninth season with an emotional finale episode that saw Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) say yes to Lucas’s (Chris McNally) proposal of marriage, Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) and Lee (Kavan Smith) learn they were pregnant after years of trying for a baby.


Despite the fact that there is still no When Calls the Heart season 10 renewal, we are starting to get bored because Hallmark is taking such a long time. Hope we have an update soon.

There are a number of factors that could be at play in the case of When Calls the Heart not coming back, such as just not knowing if it will come back or there will only be one season. One reason being this show is based on a romance and that is what the creators want to focus on moving forward, in different forms. So while we are confident that a wedding will happen during season 10, it is still unclear what the actual event will look like. The entire budget is unknown, but they may want to go where other television weddings have not gone before. A Hollywood blockbuster-style wedding may not be necessary; a small, intimate affair with just family will still get the point across. We don’t think Lucas needs to be seen in attendance for this to work either—quiet and emotional moments work as long as there is romance involved. Let’s just hope that season 2 will arrive in 2023.

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What may happen in Season10

There are a few expected storylines for season 10. What will happen with Lucas and Elizabeth? Will Bill recover from his unknown illness? There has been drama that’s been brought to the show, such as Rosemary’s pregnancy and dramatic plot twists throughout the seasons. We may see new romances, where there are both singletons of Hope Valley.



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