The Application The most used messaging system in most parts of the world, The WhatsAppIt keeps showing constant changes to offer better features to its users. From the ability to respond to Messages With emoji even Secret camera Fast access. Find out how activated.

The WhatsApp Never stop being steady Modernization to improve the service. Through his account on Twitter, or on his official page on whatsapp.com, Application reach users About these new features and even guide you with current features. On this occasion, we will talk about quick access to be able to use Secret camera From The WhatsApp.

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Secret camera feature in WhatsApp

As you surely know, among the functions it offers The WhatsApp He’s the one who lets you take it Pictures y Videos To share instantly with your various contacts, through private chats or through States.

About this tool, the platform guarantees: “Submit Pictures y Videos Deceive The WhatsApp immediately. You can also capture the moments that matter most to you with Camera built-in. with The WhatsApplas Pictures and the Videos Sent quickly, even though you’re connected to Internet Be slow.”

Steps to activate the secret camera for WhatsApp

Now, what not everyone knows is that The WhatsApp It has your own quick access function Secret camerawhich you can take from them Photo a video Immediately to upload it to a file Stateswithout the need to access a file Application.

It is known that the most popular way to share a feed condition With your contacts by entering the application. in case if iOSAt the bottom left you will find a circular icon and below it the word “StatesOnce entered, the phrase “my situation“And under it another pointing”Add to my statusNext to it, you will see a blue circle with a white plus sign that you must press to access a file Camera.

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On the other hand, in the operating system AndroidOnce inside the app The WhatsAppat the top of the screen the option will be written “States” Once selected, in addition to showing different States which other contacts have uploaded, a green circle with an icon Camera It’s white, indicating that you can upload a photo or video from there.

However, these two previous options have been left behind Secret camera From The WhatsApp Easy to access, since it’s just a matter of locating Application in you prison cell Without the need to enter, leave the icon pressed for a few seconds, a box with several options will automatically be displayed, one of which is “camera‘, and selecting it will take you straight to it, ready to take a file Photo or register a video for you condition without further complications.

Photo: Pixabay

How to update WhatsApp

Remember that you can update The WhatsApp from the store Applications from your device. We recommend that you always use the latest version of The WhatsAppbecause it includes the latest features and bug fixes,” says the platform.

for Android: Search The WhatsApp Messenger in the Google Play Store and tap “Update”. For iPhone: Search The WhatsApp Messenger in the Apple App Store and tap Update.

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