Nicolò Zaniolo, estrella de Roma que niega usar el 10 por respeto a Totti

Italian striker Roma star Nicolo Zaniolo denies wearing the number 10 out of respect for Francesco Totti; The young player and jewel of La Loba knows what “El Gladiador” means and in no way wants to take his place.

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Zaniolo has big differences with Totti, Although both are attackers; Nicolo has a clear past in other clubs. He started in Genoa, later moved through Fiorentina, Virtus Intella, and was finally bought by Inter Milan in 2017 for €1.8 million.

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That was fair In 2018, Roma bought him for 4.5 million euros; In case Francesco was a part of La Loba his whole life, from 1993 at the U-19 until 2017, the year of his retirement, he never wore another shirt.

Zaniolo has obvious footballing roots with his father, Igor Zaniolothat the closest that came to playing with “Gilloroso” was She was in Cisco Rome of lower divisions.

Why Tutti?

Despite all this, Nicolo Zaniolo is a star in Rome but will refuse to wear the 10 out of respect for Francesco Totti; Their characteristics were compared.

Francesco has always been a midfielder One of the great qualities. appeared as a creator or nine specific to the category; Winner of the Italian Serie A, two Italian Cups and the Italian Super Cup.

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for this part, Zaniolo is only a second striker, but his style allows him to create and help his teammates. No doubt, the similarities are on the table.

“No, I wouldn’t even think about it. I’ll keep it, it’s a form of respect for the captain. I wouldn’t even try to say yes.” Zaniolo stated in 2019 that he wore the No. 10 Totti shirt.

“With regard to Francesco, I think that comparing any young man, or even just putting his name next to his, is a great emotion. But I must say that I am Nicolo Zaniolo, I must improve a lot: Totti there is only one, I must continue to grow and work “, he added.

Totti used the number “10” in Rome for 2019 (1998 to 2017) and since then No other footballer dared use it.

Roma star Nicolo Zaniolo, who wants to avoid comparison with Francesco Totti

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