RPG Solasta will soon be playable on Xbox with Game Pass

It’s time to stop watching influencers play D&D on Twitch and get started too. If it’s hard to find yourself around a table with friends, it’s been a while since many RPGs offer a tactical experience closer to what RPG promises, specifically, one arrives at an arc: Solasta Crown of the Magister will be playable on Xbox and via Game Pass, starting tomorrow, July 5.

Despite the lack of resources, the studio Tactical Adventures has presented us with a solid RPG that is very (very) loyal to D&D, with its own innovations in the genre such as 3D space management and gameplay. Solasta received a rating of 7/10 on IGN France: “The rules of the D20 are strictly respected and the master of the game is somewhat intrusive, but it’s the tactical adventures that present us with new D&D RPGs with constantly measured challenge and not role-playing adventures so don’t say we haven’t We warn you.”

Tomorrow on July 5, console players will be able to take advantage of the action of Tactical Adventures to play with the board in hand, which is not always an easy task for RPGs in terms of interface and ergonomics. The radial menu, visuals, and tactical adventures promise us some comfort during gameplay, with the assurance that Solasta will visually be at the height of the PC version.

Since its release, Solasta is playable in co-op mode and you can also enjoy it on the console. Besides, the game is cross-play, so you can combine between PC and Xbox. DLC for the game has also been released, and it will be available on the Xbox Store, but it is not part of Game Pass.

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Erwan Lafleurelle is the editor-in-chief of IGN France. A video game slave for 40 years, he only runs away from time to time grieving his defeats Twitter.


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