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In VfL Bochum 1. After FC Union Berlin’s 1-0 (1-0) win, Max Kruse spoke to some fans via Instagram. Backgrounds.

Was in the square Max Cruise Game in between VfL Bochum And this 1. FC Union Berlin (0: 1) Decided by the influence of genius. 13 minutes later he used a grisa bromel header from a distance of about 16 meters in a technically demanding manner. Manuel Riemann is unlikely to face a trap kick inside the corner. “It was a sensational act, the quality behind it,” VfL coach Thomas Reyes had to admit.

Another thing I wanted to say: VfL Bochum has always been a friendly club and I know that 80, 90 percent of the fans are still friendly. But another day when all the Ruhrbottas gathered and thought: Today we go back to the field.

Max Cruise

After the game, Cruise shared a message to VfL fans on Instagram. “Such hits are so delicious,” Cruz began. Then he came to his real message: “I want to say: I know VfL Bochum is always a sympathetic club and 80, 90 percent of the fans are still sympathetic. But, it’s nothing, guys. Good night and a kiss on the nut. “

Background: Throughout the game, Union experts were repeatedly showered with beer by VfL fans. Cruise “has rarely seen such anti-social fans,” he told WDR 2. “They’re already fighting on the stand here,” Cruz said. The Berliners were humiliated during the heat, but Cruz did not care, literally.

“Even if you sit on the bench, you always drink beer. Unfortunately it is just that. Too big on the stand, and then too small again. “In addition, while Cruise was preparing for an interview, some VfL fans flocked to him. The Union Attacker responded with a few “kissing gestures”. Currently topping up again via Instagram.

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This is not the first such incident. Some supporters harassed him there, which robbed Cruz of some mischievous smiles. The Maine team then had to pay a fine of ,000 8,000 as the beer mugs were also blown up. It remains to be seen whether that will be the case VfL Bochum Receives fines.


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