Sakurai invites everyone to watch the final reveal of Smash whether you are playing the game or not
Photo: Nintendo

We’re only a day away from taking that last slice of character Super Smash Bros. ClimaxAnd series director Masahiro Sakurai seems pretty excited – dare he say it trust? – About the show.

Speaking on social media this morning, Sakurai invited all gaming fans, “Whether you’re a Smash Bros. player or just love the game,” to watch the show tomorrow.

In addition to LoudspeakerThank you Integrated Tweet As for the translation, Sakurai says he “really enjoyed” recording this latest show:

“You may not know the new fighter, or it may be different from your personal expectations.

But we hope you enjoy this gaming software and the streaming itself! I really enjoyed recording the show.

Naturally, fans are already starting to speculate who the fighter will be and whether Sakurai has left any clues in his post. We’re sure it’s not, but it to make It appears to be aimed at a larger audience of players, which could mean that the fighter could be a famous and well-known figure.

Just yesterday, Super Smash Bros. came out. Moreover We salute the fans To unleash their imagination.

We’ll find out once and for all tomorrow, so be sure to get back with us before 3:00 PM GMT as we host the big reveal live here on Nintendo Life. Who will that be?!

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