Sandrin Rousseau was expelled from the campaign team of Yannick Jodot


Sandrine Rousseau, Yannick Jadot’s special adviser, was expelled from the EELV candidate’s list on Thursday because of comments about Le Parisien’s campaign strategy.

Europe Écologie-Les Verts’ election campaign tainted by tensions. Green leader Sandrine Rousseau’s finalist (he received 48.97% of the vote) was expelled from the team on Thursday, March 3, by candidate Yannick Jotot, announcing the campaign for the ecologist’s strategic comments announced by Le Parisien. In a press release from the manager.

Maunir Sadori believes that this article “illustrates his desire to dominate individual expression over the collective.” “We take note of his decision. So Sandrin Rousseau no longer accepts responsibility for the environmental campaign.”

“She is no longer the chair of the political committee, she is no longer the candidate’s special adviser,” she told the AFP, listing key positions in the paper “Environmental Feminism”.

However, Sandrin Rousseau formally denied to AFP the comments quoted by Le Parisi: “These are comments made only from the hallway.”

The campaign is struggling to get started

Relations between the two finalists in last September’s main contest have never been harmonious due to differences in political positions, with Yannick Jodot showing a defender of pragmatic ecology, while Sandrin Rousseau supports extremism.

The incident has hit the presidential election campaign, which has been struggling to get started for months. Polls currently give Yankee Jodot 5 to 6.5% of the vote, which is far from the second round, but more than 10% from Jean-Luc Mலlenchon.

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