Saving Bergoglio: Saving the Bishop

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The Pope and the United States get Mandela's Nicaraguan exile

Monsignor Rolando Alvarez, Bishop of Nicaragua, remains in the Vatican after agreeing, on the third attempt, to leave his country. Alvarez presided over a Mass Sunday evening in Rome with the other Bishop Daniel Ortega who was arrested on Christmas, Monsignor Isidoro del Carmen Mora. The Bishop of Matagalpa showed the same gaunt face as he did in television shows organized by his captors, a classic of dictatorships.

The same religious ceremony was attended by 15 priests and two seminarians who arrived from Managua, including exorcist Ismael Serrano. “The criminal Sandinista dictatorship of Daniel Ortega was unable to oppose the power of God,” the Monsignor emphasized through tears. Silvio Jose Baez During his Sunday mass during his exile from the United States. Without applause, but with its usual tropical verbiage, the country's Sandinista government declared its gratitude to the Vatican for “the most respectful and discreet coordination to make the trip possible.” The revolutionary regime stressed that the banishment was part of “agreements of good faith and goodwill aimed at strengthening understanding with the Holy See.”

In short, a “day of praise to the God of all” that comes after the violent harassment and persecution carried out by Sandinistas against the Catholic Church. Not just prison, but also More than 500 attacks occurred during 2023, the most violent year since the outbreak of popular rebellion against the dictatorship in 2018. Three bishops, 100 priests and 83 nuns have been expelled, exiled or forced into exile in recent years. Despite the agreement with the Vatican, the co-president Rosario MurilloOrtega's wife and mother of the ruling family said yesterday in her daily televised sermon: “Some religious people claim that they serve God, but they serve Satan or Satan. This is not the face of God, but rather the characteristics of vices and major sins.”

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Paolo Manzo, January 17, 2023

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