Sell ​​more at Good End and Christmas with WhatsApp Lists

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Share According to the study, MSMEs are one of the most widely used digital tools for sales in the country X-ray of entrepreneurs in Mexico Done by Entrepreneurs Association of Mexico (ASEM). So, WhatsApp and ASEM are merging MSMEs Increase your sales in more seasons like Good End 2021 and Christmas season with the help of WhatsApp.

Innovations in this endeavor include the use of the ‘Collections’ list recently announced by WhatsApp Business, the version of WhatsApp for small businesses.

“This tool helps companies organize their list of products and services by category. Previously, customers who bought through WhatsApp Business had to search for a list that could be too long and there was no difference between the types of products and services. Through ‘collections’, the shopping experience is significantly improved, thereby increasing the probability of MSMEs selling. In fact, the main purpose of the initiative we are promoting through WhatsApp is to invite the Mexican community to buy from MSMEs, especially at this time of year, ”said George Corel, Managing Director of ASEM.

By ‘collections’, ASEM will provide an exhibition window for micro, small and medium enterprises to spread their products and services, and with the help of WhatsApp, provide the best digital shopping experience for their customers.

To do this, ASEM selected more than 50 companies that actively use the WhatsApp business and have a list of products and services.

“We invite MSMEs that are part of the ASEM community, and we highlight the participation of female entrepreneurs, wide coverage across the country and, above all, the best quality in its products, and services among the factors we consider when selecting companies.” .

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Participating companies are available on ASEM’s WhatsApp business account, and they are organized by product and service categories, including: food and beverages; Health, wellness and beauty; Gifts and celebrations; Fashion; Home and decor; Arts and crafts; Restaurants and services for SMEs, among others.

Within the framework of this initiative, training will be conducted on how entrepreneurs can use it. WhatsApp Business, As well as the new ‘collection’ tool. The tutorials are free to access and will air between November and December Facebook for Business.

Consumer support will be key

ASEM emphasizes that the desire of consumers to buy from micro, small and medium enterprises has a positive impact on the country’s economy. According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), MSMEs generate 67.9% of jobs nationwide, representing 39.2% of GDP and 99.8% of the country’s economic units.

By adding contacts, consumers can purchase from more than 50 MSMEs that are part of this initiative. WhatsApp Business de la ASEM (2215684919) You can then access the list where you can find various products and services.

“When entering ASEM’s WhatsApp‘ collections ’section, consumers can be confident that they will find a wide range of products and services and companies of the highest quality,” Corral concludes.


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