Olivier Giroud

AC Milan started their season successfully on the lawn of Zamboria on Monday night (0-1).

AC Milan, without Sladen Ibrahimovic until mid-September, delivered the essentials for his debut in Genoa (0-1) in Zamboria on Monday. . If the former Chelsea striker had not scored, he would have soaked the red and black jersey for 90 minutes and, in the main central character à la “Ibra”, would not have resisted much resistance. Milan (Kessié and Beneser in the middle), who had lost other important areas for recovery, were in line with his new French center-perspective, otherwise perfect.

A quick goal by Brahim Dias at the crossroads of David Calabria (9th) rewarded this solid entry. Although he was not flawless at the time, Genoese goalkeeper Emil Odero, Rafael Leo (5th) and Theo Hernandez (26th) were watching all the remaining matches to float decisively bluerchess. Oliver Grout found the goalkeeper’s gloves after a good test, but he may be in an offside position (40th). At the end of the match, he was not far from picking up a hot ball in the head (78th).

Miken’s hope

The Frenchman had no goal, he ran often, but was determined to pay homage to the reputation of the tough Calcio. Milan coach Stefano Pioli told him to take it even deeper and the Frenchman tried to do it, but without creating many chances. Milan will have high hopes for him at the start of the season, while Ibrahimovic, who underwent surgery on his left knee in June, will not return to action until mid-September.

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At the other end of the pitch, the other French rookie in the Milan transfer window, Mike Miknon, was introduced. Gianluigi Donnarumma, who went to Paris SG, was responsible for forgetting that the former Lily managed an innocence. He was innocent in his line-up, especially when a powerful free kick from Manolo Kapiadini (17th) deflected on his bar and then blocked a new attempt by Genoese (53rd). It was in front of Fabio Quacliarella (14th, 56th), in his air travels or foothills. The Blues’ No. 3 goalkeeper showed great confidence in his interventions, especially at the tight end of the match. A decisive performance, as Milan, a little short in the second half, failed to take off and Anto Repic missed the ball 2-0 in extra time.


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