Positive effects on the mind and body

Being close to nature is good for you! The latest revelations are truly surprising, and we should move on to another house

Peace of nature (Orizzontenergia.it)

Modern society has brought most people to… Separate yourself from nature To embrace the chaos of cities, but even though our habits have changed over hundreds of years, It seems that our body continues to search for connection with natureIt often makes us understand this need clearly, giving us immediate positive effects every time we approach it.

In modern chaos, however, It is often difficult to listen to our bodiesBut some recent studies conducted on this issue have highlighted undeniable scientific evidence. Living close to nature and getting close to it actually, It will be one of the best solutions to protect our well-beingWhat came out is incredible.

There is nothing better than natural theaters to rejuvenate the body and mind, the benefits we will get are extraordinary

Live close to nature
Reading in the garden (Orizzontenergia.it)

Living in contact with nature is an increasingly difficult choice, as the modern rhythms imposed by society do not, in fact, always match the natural and much slower rhythms. With the passage of years and technological advancement, man has moved away from nature But our “wild” origins are still rooted in our egos, and this proof came thanks to a recent study conducted by a research team from… Washington State University.

In this case, the researchers examined a very important sample of nearly 50,000 people, all over the age of 65 and residing in urban areas of the state. Washington. Through careful study, scientists tried to find one The relationship between individuals’ mental health and proximity to green spaces or blue spacesThat is, the parks, gardens, cemeteries, lakes, rivers or oceans of their homes, to discover something we could never have imagined.

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The analysis highlighted that nearly 70% of people screened lived close, i.e. less than 800 metres, to a green space while 60% were within a similar distance of a blue space, with both groups showing a 17% lower risk. Exposure to serious psychological pressure Compared to those who live far from these areas.

Changing the course of urban planning, we need a future in touch with nature

Live close to nature
Relaxing in the mountains (Orizzontenergia.it)

According to what emerged from the study, it seems inevitable to think about this matter The effects that nature can have on our mental healthThese effects, if taken into consideration, require in-depth study in urban planning for future cities. Ensure that each center is never far from the green or blue zones.

In fact, modern urban planning has long focused solely on efficiency and density, ignoring the basic human need for… Live in touch with nature. According to the data of this research, But even just feeling the sensations that our body sends us after walking in contact with nature, we should not underestimate the importance of these factors.

Living in contact with nature is not just a luxury or an aesthetic pleasureBut it is a basic human need that can make the difference in ensuring a happy or miserable life, and above all in preserving our long-term mental well-being.


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