Super Mario 64 cartridge sold for $1.56 million at auction

Washington | Legendary sealed cartridge Super Mario The console for the Nintendo 64 sold Sunday for $1.56 million, a new record for a video game, according to US auction house Heritage Auctions.

“It’s the first toy that has ever sold at auction for more than $1 million,” Eric Bradley, a spokesman for the Dallas, Texas-based company, told AFP.

Heritage already set the first record on Friday: a cartridge for the old Nintendo NES console from the legend of zelda It was auctioned for $870,000.

This cartridge is from Super Mario 64 It dates back to 1996 and uses 3D for the first time.

Eric Bradley said it was “the only version known to have a score of 9.8 A++” from video game expert Wata that assesses cartridge condition, explaining that this score was “the highest score a vintage video game can achieve.” Regards.”

Mario, a young, hyperactive plumber with a mustache, wearing a red hat, is one of the greatest heroes in video game history and has contributed to Nintendo’s worldwide success.

She appeared in 1981 as a Jumpman character in the game donkey kongHe was renamed “Mario” in 1985 and had many adventures with his brother Luigi or behind the wheel of a buggy.

For several years now, vintage video games have enjoyed increasing success with gamers feeling nostalgic.

Last April, a video game cartridge Super Mario Bros For a 1986 Nintendo NES that fetched $660,000 at auction, it’s still at Heritage Auctions.

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