Surya Bonaly's life will soon be adapted into a series

A prominent figure in figure skating in the ’90s, Surya Bonali made her mark in the ice. She’s won showers of medals over her career, but many would also have passed under her nose for the color of her skin, her body considered too athletic or not slim enough by the standards of the mean, or her crazy audacity, imposing new or even forbidden personalities. One of them even bears his name, “Bonali,” Salto back performs with straight legs and lands on one foot.

There is a lot to say about this athlete’s journey and struggle. This is the project of director Audrey Estrugu, who is currently developing a series about the life of Soria Bonali. This committed director, who has focused specifically on social issues or the condition of women, among others in the suburbs, is also the origin of the biographical film. super top, on the founding members of the NTM group, which is scheduled to be released on November 24 in cinemas.

In a statement, she and her producer Saja Blanchard described the series, which has not yet been announced by any announcer or official title, as The image of the extraordinary heroine struggling to liberate and assert herself in the world of the 1990s: a black woman’s struggle for justice and equality. […] It was the struggle that I led against discrimination, especially racial and class discrimination, that prompted me to implement this project.”

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