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Bad news for Poste Italiane customers who end up in the crosshairs of scammers. Let’s get into the details and see what happens.

watching you savingssince scammers are always ready, unfortunately, to extort money from the unfortunate person on duty with traps thought out down to the smallest detail.

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In order to purchase various goods and services of interest to us, as is known, we must necessarily put our wallet at hand. Therefore, the circumstances in which we find ourselves having to pay are different Moneyalthough the latter often ends up in the crosshairs of some bad guys.

Unfortunately, the clients Italian Post, which has recently caught the eye of some scammers. In particular, some of the false messages that are likely to cause many to fall into the trap are cause for concern. If all this is not enough, we always invite you to pay close attention to what may be tampered with from the ATM. So let’s get into the details and see what happens.

WhatsApp, beware of messages from friends: the trap is around the corner

Poste Italiane, savings at risk: beware of fake emails

starting from Parcel scam blocked Even fake shopping vouchers, going through the alleged infractions on the account, there are many scam attempts that we should be careful about. Unfortunately, those who often end up in the eyes of scammers are Poste Italiane customerswho find themselves having to deal with different kinds of traps.

These include several attempts at phishing, through which fraudsters try to empty the account of the miserable person on duty. All by sending emails or SMS. In order to encourage message recipients to send their data, for example, they tell recipients that they risk not being able to perform certain operations, such as payments, withdrawals, and top-ups.

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But in reality, this is not the case because it is easy to imagine. In fact, by carrying out this process one falls into the trap. For this reason, it is always good to remember that Poste Italiane, like other credit institutions, never sends letters of this kind. In case of doubt, it is recommended to contact the Italian Post Office and above all Never click on suspicious links.

Poste Italiane, savings at risk: Beware of tampering with ATMs

In addition to online scams, we invite you to always be wary of potential scams that you may encounter in everyday life. In this context, we invite you to be careful when withdrawing money from an ATM. Some scammers, in fact, access card data and Pin electronic devices right next to them ATM.

Several strategies are used to ATM tampering, such as placing the tools through which the card is cloned in alignment with the slot used to insert the card itself. But not only that, even small cameras that were triggered near the keyboard, or tools of various types placed in the slot from which the money is taken out in such a way that it is possible to “lock” the money.

INPS, there’s 600 euros for you: the alarm goes off

Situations, those just listed, which unfortunately occur more than one might think and to which we invite you to pay the utmost attention. In particular, before pulling out at the counter, it is recommended to make sure No tampered or suspected components. In case of doubt, contact the staff of the institution so that they can carry out the appropriate checks.

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