Tara Tabitha was like this before her cosmetic surgery

Tara Tabitha has been camping in the jungle since Friday. The reality TV participant has been known in Austria for many years – but now he has not been identified. She was like this before.

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“I am one of the most famous women in Austria,” Tara Tabitha introduced herself to four million people in front of the screens on Friday evening at the start of the forest camp. Yes, the 28-year-old in Austria has made a name for himself as a reality star. In Germany, on the other hand, Tara Tabitha is one of the lesser known faces – but in recent years it has changed little. After various beauty procedures, she is different today.

At the age of 17, Tara Tabitha made her television debut in the Austrian reality documentary “Saturday Night Fever – So Celebrates Austria’s Youth”. The Party Girl was known for her overnight strike words, and later had her own reality show with “Tara and Money”. By then, the lips were thin and the hair was dark. She was not identified in the old records.

This is how Tara Tabitha was in 2014. (Source: Image Alliance / BREUEL-BILD)

Now Austria sits in the woods and fights for the crown – with red mane and plump lips. The TV star has one or the other beauty routine. “I have a nose job, a boob job, Botox here and there, fillers on the cheeks, jaw, chin and lips are definitely there,” said a celebrity on Friday who kicked me out of here.

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In an interview with RTL, he said before moving on: “More.” According to Austria, she is “very happy” with all the money-making interventions on the “Only Fans” site. His camp roommate Harold Glockler has also changed a lot in appearance over the last few years. Here’s a look at how the glossy costume designer looked.

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