Halles Terence Boyd (l.) im Spiel gegen Viktoria Berlin (imago images/Daniel Lakomski)

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Victoria Berlin has to accept the first defeat of the season

Images by imago / Daniel Lakomsky

Video: rbb24 | 20.08.2021 | Christian Dixon | picture: Images by imago / Daniel Lakomsky

After 14 points of consecutive victories in the seasons, Victoria Berlin got it. At the start of the fourth round, the third-division leaders saw a 1–0 loss to Halle.

Victoria Berlin lost 1-0 to Halle in the fourth round of the third division season and thus lost points for the first time this season. Despite the defeat, Victoria remained in first place in the table for the time being. Terrence Boyd (28) scored today’s goal in front of 2512 spectators at Jahnsportpark.

The pace on the pitch was clear from the start. Guests from Hull left the ball to the surprising leader from Berlin, withdrew further and hoped for a counterattack. On the other hand, Victoria patiently searched for holes in the fortress of the inhabitants of Halle in order to succeed at the crucial moment in a straight pass game.

Boyd is the best striker

The result was a lively match, but at first without any chances of scoring. That only changed in the 14th minute, when Halles Tom Zimmigart attempted it once. His left footed shot from the right edge of the square hit only the left post. On the other side, Victoria had a chance to score the first goal in the 19th minute. After Samson lost the ball, the Berlin team played a quick counter-attack to Enes Kwok, who went to the conclusion from a very sharp angle to the outside net only.

Three minutes later it was Giannis Becker who checked Halle goalkeeper Sven Muller from the left edge of the penalty area and full tension after a nice individual action. And the next angle was dangerous, too. Only with the flash reversal on the line did Muller keep that at zero. It was even more surprising that in the middle of this urgent stage, the Victorias scored Haley’s first goal. After winning the ball over Christopher Thiessen, the path was clear for Halle striker Terence Boyd, who then did it superbly and skillfully put the ball into the net with his left foot.

Victoria without power hack

In the early stages of the second half, both teams were inaccurate and lost the ball a lot. Only in the 52nd minute of the match was another constructive attack to be seen. Enes Küc passed Lucas Falcao after a gentle dribbling, but the result came straight into the body of goalkeeper Halle Muller. However, this opportunity sent a signal only to a limited extent.

Victoria continued to run resolutely, but did not find any gap against the attentive guests. Haley, on the other hand, had many good counterattacks, but was very inaccurate in the final third. Only in the 87th minute did it become more exciting again, as Enes Küc got the ball in the middle of the penalty area, but in the end he shot very high and thus shot over the goal.

Broadcast: rbb24, 08/20/2021, 10 p.m.

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