“Where are my dogs??? No way I’m missing!!” The airline lost four passenger dogs and their owner broke down in tears, screamed and threw himself into despair. It happened at Istanbul Airport, and photos taken by a passenger and posted on TikTok stirred the network, which identified itself with the man’s pain, as it grappled with one of the most difficult moments of his life. An enormous, inexplicable soreness.

Sharing your life with an animal is magical and special: an unbreakable connection you hope will never end. Farewells are always very painful, even more so when they are sudden and unjustified. One of the comments posted on the social network: “How can the airline not be able to take care of the animals they carry on board?”


This unfortunate traveler, about thirty years old, has landed in the Turkish capital, waiting for his four dogs to embrace again. He reacted in desperation when the airline informed him that his dogs had not arrived at their destination and had not been located.

In the video, which is over a minute long, the man can be seen screaming furiously and complaining to the staff. He grabs his head, throws himself to the ground and kicks in front of the amazed gaze of the people who were at the airport.

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“Where are my dogs, where are my dogs?” Repeatedly.

Although this case appears to be very rare, unfortunately it has been documented frequently on social networks. Users have shown how their pets arrive being abused or crushed after an intercontinental flight.

After watching the video, thousands of netizens began to leave comments, claiming that one’s love for pets is very special.

“You’ll Never Understand These Kind Of Videos, Until You Have The Joy Of Living Such Love”, “I’m Going To Lose My Mind Like Lord, My Dogs Are My Everything” and “I Felt This Pain, I Hope You Find Them Then”.


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