The Archbishop of Paris presents his resignation letter to the Pope - Liberation

Two days after the release of “Point” on his relationship with a woman, Mgr Michel Aupetit handed over his responsibility, which the diocese states, not “pleading guilty.”

Archbishop Michel Aupetit of Paris has reportedly submitted his resignation letter to the pope Of Figaro This Friday. The Diocese of Paris agreed with the AFP “Ambiguous behavior” With a woman in 2012, after press revelations that he had an affair. “He proposed to the Pope to submit his resignation.” By “A letter was sent this week”, The Diocese of Paris confirmed the information received on Thursday Figaro. Only the Pope can decide whether to accept or reject it.

In 2012, “He behaved vaguely with a person who was very much against him”, We added. On its website on Wednesday, Point That year the Archbishop had a close and consensual relationship with a woman, noting the email he had sent by mistake, and according to that weekly, there was no doubt about that relationship.

not that “Love is not from a relationship” nothing “Sexual intercourse”, Promised to the diocese on Friday. “He was open to his line at that point.” “I admit that my behavior towards her may have been vague, thus suggesting that there is an intimate relationship and sexual relationship between us, which I strongly deny”. Confirmed in the article Point Bishop Abbott was the one who took the oath of chastity like any other basic Catholic priest.

Resignation request “It is not a confession of guilt, but a gesture of humility, an arrangement”, Emphasized the diocese. The Archbishop of Paris, Bishop Abbott, has been making this gesture since 2017 Because he understood that there could be problems among the diocesan Catholics. We added. The word resignation is not the word I used. He mentions on the other hand The cross. Resignation means that I resign from my post. In fact, I put it in the hands of the Holy Father because he gave it to me. I did this to protect the diocese because, as a bishop, I must be in the service of unity. “

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