The best French bread in Paris is

For a few hours it was a symbol of inclusion and potential integration. Makram Akrout, the owner of a bakery at 54 rue de Rooy, in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, arrived in France from Tunisia at the age of 23. For six, he lived as an illegal immigrant, then found a job as a baker, obtained French citizenship, and a few days ago he was shown at Olympus Bakers , when a jury of chefs and representatives of the category chose him as the winner. From competition on there baguette Better than Paris.

Important recognition, given that the first rating among 173 competitors automatically becomes the official supplier ofEliseo for one year. The French presidency was also, in fact, in a tweet, congratulating the baker of Tunisian descent, the fifth North African to win the award in recent years. Mark, writes the main French media, that immigrants can truly integrate into society, absorbing its traditions to the point of bypassing local workers.

Akrout enjoyed his success until he ended up at the center of a law enforcement investigation for a series of messages allegedly posted on his Facebook account. The job in which he defends the Islamic religion by attacking France and FrenchThey are called “dogs”. To catch them on the net was, as we read In the local newspapersRight-wing extremists have expressed outrage at the awarding of the prestigious award to a North African Muslim baker.

The content of the sentences written in Arabic was published by Hala Akili, journalist at Radio Sud E From an online newspaper Axes. He was among the first to discover that in 2019 Akrout drove him out of France, accusing him of “spreading decadence in the Tunisia To protect his colonial interests and push us away from Islamic religion and values.” And again, a year ago, he said: “We cried for Charlie Hebdo and Notre Dame on the side of France, but these dogs don’t cry when we mock the Creator Allah“.

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Phrases far from the founding values ​​of RepublicUnder Macron’s presidency, it has been engaged in a tough battle against Islamic extremism and separatism. And one of them notes that the joke is that the author of some publications is about to become the trusted baker of the President of the Elysee. The Tunisian baker distanced himself by filing a complaint and defending himself by claiming that his account had been hacked. But law enforcement is now scanning his accounts to see if he has a problem. safety for the president.

On the other hand, his lawyer quoted himFrench broadcaster Bfmtv, he talks about “a customer who was devastated by what he read on the network.” “The screenshots – he said – come from the far right and Akrouth objects to it.” Even for the municipality of Paris these are just unconfirmed rumors. So much so that, after initial hesitation, the mayor’s spokesman, Ann Hidalgo, announced that Awards ceremony Still confirmed for tomorrow in Notre Dame.

But the controversy over the “baguette” is only just beginning. Philippe Olivier, MEP from the National Rally of Marine Le Pen on Twitter attacks the Elysee: “Despite the revelation of his anti-French publications and the Islamic connotation of Mr. Akrout, it is still promoted.” “Our country – commented – is humiliated at the president’s table.”


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