Ruud incrédulo: El público se volvió loco al ver a Roger Federer

Norwegian tennis player Casper Ruud is one of the most promising and interesting young players on the world tour. The son of Scandinavian art shows its best qualities on clay, but over the course of matches he has been able to successfully develop it on other surfaces as well, especially on cement.

A few days ago, Casper entered the top ten in the world, and now he is committed to the European team in the Laver Cup. During a recent interview, Rudd admitted he got goosebumps after proclaiming tennis icon Roger Federer to the Boston crowd at the Laver Cup.

At the moment, the Swiss national team came out of the knockout due to injury and for this reason did not participate in the event, but at the same time Roger decided to come to Boston to greet the audience.

Casper Rudd’s words by Roger Federer

In the first round of the Laver Cup, Rudd defeated American Riley Opelka in two sets, winning 6-3; 7-6 (4) He made interesting comments about the Swiss champion: “I went 3-1 in the first set and was in response when I noticed the crowd was going crazy after Roger appeared on the big screen.

In the end I think it was all worth it, the crowd got violent and I got goosebumps. I was thinking about the game, but objectively, it’s something you can’t take away from your feelings and it was a great experience and at the same time fun, so it’s always good to see Roger back on the tennis court.

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Although he does not play, he is an important part of the sport and especially in this event, he is the one who made it possible and definitely deserved the applause of the fans.” Speaking of the match, Rudd commented: “At first I was nervous, I was in a big stadium and the music, The crowd got me excited, but I think I got along pretty well.”


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