The Draconids are back in our skies: These falling stars will peak tonight

Some of you might have noticed swarms of stars falling in the sky for a few days. This phenomenon will reach its peak between October 8 and 10. These meteor showers are called Draconids. Why this name? Because they are observed near the constellation of the Dragon (a constellation is a group of stars close to each other in the sky). And Dragon says to himself “Draco” in Latin. Where is the dragon constellation? It is located near the constellation Ursa Major (see photo below). This is where you want to look.

For those who don’t know, the meteor shower. A meteorite is a piece of rock entering the Earth’s atmosphere. The high-speed meteor friction with the particles in the Earth’s atmosphere will gradually destroy the meteor and produce light, resulting in the fiery star phenomenon. If the meteorite is not completely burned and a fragment reaches the soil of the Earth, then it will not be called a meteorite, but a meteorite.

Draconids are tiny bits of debris from Comet Giacobini-Zinner that has orbited the Sun in 6½ years.


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