European union (European union) And in the wake of the trade war between the respective aeronautical giants Airbus and Boeing, the United States decided in recent years to suspend the penalties it imposed for four months. After years of Trump, both camps want to take over “A fresh start” And give themselves time to resolve their differences.

The decision was made during a telephone conversation between US President Joe Biden and European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen on Friday, March 5. “Marks the first step towards the rebirth of the Atlantic Business Federation, which has been under scrutiny for almost 17 years.”, Note CNN.

The world Remember What “Both camps have provided direct and indirect significant subsidies to aircraft manufacturers since the early 1990s. For 15 years, this has been no problem, but since they collapsed in 2004, they have not succeeded in burying the belly.”.

The controversy was brought before the World Trade Organization (WTO).OMC), Which approved the imposition of punitive charges against the United States in 2019European union. The latter received the same recognition a year later.

Europeans approached Donald Trump before oversights of American products came into effect, but the former president, “Whoever has already started hostility against European steel and aluminum exports, does not want to know”, Tell me Evening. By the end of Friday, “One page‘Trump Trump’ Twists “, Adds Belgium daily.

President of the European Commission, Quoted Politics, First commented on the contract. “We are both determined to solve our airline problem and rely on the work of our respective sales representatives.”, Said. “This is great news for businesses and businesses on both sides of the Atlantic, and a very positive signal for our economic cooperation in the years to come.”.

For his part, Joe Biden has promised “Repair and revive” Relations between Washington and Brussels, and “Work to put an end to these endless complaintsOMC.


On the US side, $ 7.5 billion in penalties were used to import European products “Food and Planes Like Wine, Whiskey, Cheese and Olive”, Describe it The Wall Street Journal. The Europeans, for their part, have surpassed the equivalent of $ 4 billion in American products – their planes, there, but “In wine, luggage, nuts or cherries”.

Gesture of “Good will” In the two superpowers “Aims to prepare the ground for negotiations on a permanent solution to the conflict by adopting the general rules for subsidizing aircraft manufacturers.”, Analysis Financial Times. An agreement made everything more necessary “Challenges of new entrants from China to the aviation industry”, Beijing did not hide its purpose “To break the duplicity (Boeing-Airbus) that has been in place for decades”, Underscores the economic daily.

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Aircraft manufacturers have welcomed the US-European decision, with countries such as Spain and France relying heavily on the aviation industry. The latter was greeted by the voice of Foreign Trade Minister Frank Ryster “The first step in the expansion process”, Bring it back German wave.


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