The students have become ignorant

The school woke up

It really exists. Many progressives consider the term “I wake up“As an invention of the truth; a fictional narrative intended to discredit issues related to anti-racism and social justice. It would be so. But then it turns out that in California, there is a public school ( Glassbrook Primary Schoolin Hayward, near San Francisco) paid $250,000 to an organization called… Kindergarten wow (literally wake up kindergarten) for educational support services. They also have a website.

Let's see what their pedagogical proposals are. The home page immediately declares: “Power to the little ones.” It can go that far. The beauty comes down a notch. “We support children, families, teachers and organizations in their commitment to primary education Canceled And Pro-Black, pro-sexual and trans-liberation.“The founder of the organization is a little black girl with purple hair, Ikea Gross (“they/them,” specify). She presents herself as a cultural organizer “currently engaged in developing innovative pedagogical methods of resistance, healing and liberation.”

Today's words to teach young people are “He hits“,”Anti-racism“,”He objectsA series of probing questions are presented to instill in the young ones. Things like: “If we abolish home ownership, how can we provide affordable housing for everyone?” Or: “How do we return the land that was stolen from them to its people.” There is also a special session on Free Palestine. And, of course, one of the words of the day is “Ceasefire.” Displayed on the home page is a booklet titled “Your First Protest! Sensory Guide for Kids.”

It is, after all, The usual mixture of the hard left Which has now spread in the world of education, even at the academic level. Just think of all the university curricula that use the term “decolonization,” from Harvard to Princeton. In this case, the brave Akiya Gross was given a three-year contract, paid for largely by the hated settler state of the United States and white taxpayers. Two years later, what happened to Glassbrook? The school is part of a relatively poor area, attended mostly by Hispanic children.

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Some parents would have preferred to invest public funds in a more traditional support program. Something like Arithmetic activities and reading assistance. How retro! On the advice of enlightened faculty, it was decided to create Woke Kindergarden in the belief that an anti-racist and militant program would be more appropriate for non-white students.

“We are 100% committed to abolishing the system of oppression that inhibits and holds our students back. “We believe it is right to select support programs based on their work and effectiveness,” the school district superintendent explained. So, after two years of work, what are the results? English and mathematics grades From Glassbrook New lows recorded Last spring. Less than 4% of students are proficient in mathematics. the fourth! Less than 12% have reached an adequate level of English. A decrease of about 4 percentage points in each category.

These are disadvantaged students, from a relatively poor area, who will now be even more disadvantaged. But at least these future citizens of Hayward, unable to read and do mathematics, have received a religious education and know who is to blame. If they can't read, are poor at math and can't find a job, it will always be the fault of white people, racism, the police and even Israel.

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