These names are racist.  Politically correct against plants and animals

In the United States we are seeing another revision activity derived from politically correct: Crusade on “Elemental animal and plant namesThis time the promoter of this revision campaign is present National Audubon Society, a non-profit organization committed to preserving nature and cataloging the birds, fish, and trees found on US soil. This body, which was born at the beginning of the twentieth century in honor of the French-American ornithologist John James Audubon, has in fact recently decided to satisfy the protesting voices that have recently been raised about the alleged “offensive names“Of some species in the nomenclature edited by the same organization, which provides for the release”reviewAmong its treaties that contain the opposing sects.

Audubon’s zeal for revisionism began last year, that is, after the leaders of the organization found a scant presence of black scholars in their ranks, as well as after the wave of protests that erupted over the assassination. George Floyd. It will be renamed to a lesser degree”contempt“, Dai”reformers“On instructions from Audubon to modify the names mentioned, it will be, for example, the African Coral Tree (Erythrina kafra), which signifies that the promoters of the revision, accusing the derogatory expression with which the Mozambicans were called; to change the name would also be the California Sabinian pine, since it It is commonly called “digger(Digger), a pseudonym by which Native Americans of various tribes were pejoratively identified, as they were diverted to foraging for food in the wastes of the new lands to which they were exiled; McConne, an amateur ornithologist who fought with the Confederate Army and who was proud to have a collection of the skulls of the original dead.

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In the A crusade against discriminatory sects The fauna and flora recently decided to join both other private organizations, such as the American Entomological Society, and government agencies such as the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The first will actually correct the name of some of the moths; In particular, the leaders of the association declared, that the name “less offensive“A class of mites hitherto known in the United States will be as”gypsy“(Gypsies). The above government agency will instead change the name of some fish; to rename them on the basis of politically correct motive, they will be called carp today”Asia‘, because this designation is generally associated with the subjects intended for ‘slum frequency“.

The revisionist zeal shown by Audubon’s senior management could eventually target even the noble father of the same organization, as many have recently accused John James Audubon of having undertaken his ornithological expeditions thanks to the money his family earned in Slave plantations or the Caribbean.


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