They posted a new photo from DeLorean 2022

The wait is getting shorter and shorter and the new generation of DeLorean will soon see the light. It’s the successor to the legendary DMC-12, the car it took off from failed to succeedhaving been the star of the Back to the Future trilogy.

Although after facing several criminal cases, John DeLorean himself tried to revive the idea of ​​releasing a car as part of his own model range, the truth never happened. The last units manufactured date back to 1982.

After 40 years, the new sports car project will become a reality and little by little we can see the progress. The first teasers showed that the car You’ll keep the doors shaped like “gull wings.”While The last time we were able to see a portion of the rear optics added to the date this icon was displayed.

in more generous proportions, It is expected to have a futuristic design and the details that are in line with the new trends are mechanization, because it will be an all-electric car. While we wait for more data, a new image has surfaced in the past few hours showing the rear of the car with the DeLorean logo in the center and a light strip extending across the width of the rear.

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