This is the best way to water your plants in the winter to prevent them from dropping their leaves and wilting

The plants that we have at home during the winter adapt to a different climate than usual. When they stay indoors, they receive hot air from radiators or stoves, which can sometimes lead to some suffering. They also always need water and receive beneficial nutrients. To keep them healthy, this is the best way to water plants in the winter to prevent them from dropping their leaves and wilting.

What changes in winter for plants

Our vegetarian friends, which we have at home, are almost all evergreens of tropical origin. They are used for temperatures above 15 degrees in general. The conditions they find during the winter in the apartments in which they live, as they are equipped with heating systems. Radiators, pellets, or gas stoves generally provide the temperature plants need.

Despite the ideal temperature, artificially heating the air also causes it to dry out. This lack of moisture can harm the health of the plant. In addition, dry air causes the soil to dry out first.

This is the best way to water your plants in the winter to prevent them from dropping their leaves and wilting

Hence the need to water our plants and take care when to do so. The general rule is to water when the first few centimeters of the pot are dry. Simply stick your finger to the edge of the pot in the soil to check if it is dry or wet. In general, watering once a week should be a good rule. On the other hand, orchids should be watered only when the soil is completely dry. For succulents, repeat every 3 or 4 weeks, as they are more resistant.

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how to water

The best way to water is to submerge the pot in a container such as a basin. Leave the plant in the water for 5 minutes. The water should not be cold, but at room temperature. Then take off and begin to drip into the saucer. On the other hand, the orchid must be submerged For about thirty minutes to the different constitution of her land.

This advice does not apply to plants grass. For these, we will gently pour water over the edge of the pot, away from the plant. This will avoid possible root rot.

spray plants

Dry air, which is often found in apartments, causes some suffering to plants. The plant is there but it looks like it’s a bit boring, even if it doesn’t seem to present particular problems like diseases. You want to water it. But it is better not to change the rhythms described above. What you need instead is to mist the leaves. Which can be done in the morning using a spray. Alternatively, we can place a bowl of water next to the plant, which helps keep the air around it moist.

With these precautions, our houseplants will get through the winter without problems.


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