The trend is very original, but it is already being followed across the Atlantic. The #BookTok hashtag dedicated to book referrals has been a real success on the Digtok platform, affecting the publishing market.

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When we think of Dictoc, we imagine people dancing, WDF or overtly dangerous challenges, not always successful lipsticks. In recent months, however, an unexpected new trend has emerged on the platform: the recommendation of books. Like a good old classic bookstore, more and more young users are using the Chinese social network to share their literary favorites. Powered by the hashtag #BookTok, this concept is a real success in the United States, recently reported New York Timesஅளவுக்கு To the extent that it positively affects book sales across the Atlantic.

There is talk of Achilles’ song (re)

The American newspaper cites the abrupt renewed interest in American author Madeline Miller’s novel The Song of Achilles, published in 2012, and the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction in the United Kingdom. Nearly ten years after its publication, the latter is enjoying its second youth in bookstores, thanks to its success at Dictok. According to NPD Bookscan, which is responsible for recording book sales, the book has been out for a few weeks 10,000 weekly copies In the United States alone, this is nine times more than it was originally published. Although the hashtag #Songofachilles already has nearly 19 million views on the platform, sales have also become popular the day after a video was released. “Books That Hurt You”, Posted by @moongirlreads_.

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Faced with this unexpected frenzy the publishing community was quick to capture the event. And so on New York Times Reports that more and more publishers are using successful dictators to promote their literary publications. At Barnes & Noble, a counter dedicated to stage-advertised works has even been set up in some body stores.

Song of Achilles

  • Miller, Madeline (editor)
  • 480 Pages – 04/02/2015 (Release Date) – Pocket (Publisher)


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