USA, “Trump is in a panic.”  Controversy over CNN's advice on bail

The office of New York Attorney General Letitia James has asked the Court of Appeals to require Donald Trump to pay full bail before freezing payment of the $464 million fine pending appeal. “The defendant's new charges and the legal arguments presented do not support the exceptional request for a reprieve on the basis of a surety or deposit of less than a quarter of the total amount” of the sentence, Dennis Vann, James's deputy, said at the hearing. A brief filed today in response to a complaint from Trump's lawyers declared the “practical impossibility” of obtaining massive bail coverage by next Monday from one of several specialized firms contacted.

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According to New York state law, in order to appeal the ruling in the fraud trial that convicted him of paying $454 million, a number that increases with interest by $112,000 every passing day, Trump must make a deposit equal to the full amount. His lawyers asked the appeals court to accept bail of only $100 million, saying that “a few specialized companies could agree to cover bail” for a higher amount. The statements claimed by the Attorney General's Office are untrue, stating that the former president can divide the entire bail into several bails. In short, as expected, James appears intent on taking a hard line should Trump not post bail in full by Monday, as he asks Judge Arthur Ergon for permission to seize the businessman's assets, starting with the iconic Trump Tower and the 40th Tower. Wall Street Tower in New York. This prospect “causes the former president to panic,” CNN wrote.

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The broadcaster reveals that Trump's team is reaching out to wealthy supporters of the former president and is also considering properties that can be sold quickly to raise money. Despite the usual aggressive statements on social media, CNN described the former president as “increasingly concerned” about the consequences of not paying by March 25, especially given the fact that he has built his image over the years, first as a businessman and then as a businessman. Politician on his wealth and success in business. For this reason, CNN sources explain, Trump has expressed opposition to the potential loophole of declaring bankruptcy. The Trump campaign denies CNN's reenactment of a paranoid former president, calling it “a bunch of bullshit and baseless fake news.” “The President has filed a motion to obstruct Judge Engoron’s unfair, unconstitutional and un-American ruling in the witch hunt led by a corrupt prosecutor,” said spokesman Steven Cheung.

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