They catch a strange phenomenon of flying

The “space jellyfish” caught the attention of all users on social networks, and the phenomenon “flyed” over the sky of Florida in the United States. Eyewitnesses to the phenomenon captured the entire “flying” and spread on social networks.

According to international media, users were shocked because the lights and movement were unexpected. But was it something normal? Apparently no, coincidentally, it will be a SpaceX missile It was ejected in one of the NASA modules.

Due to user speculation and cutbacks on social networks, space engineer, Chris Coombs, confirmed on his Twitter account, that medusa can It was a physical reaction phenomenon.

“The silver light observed could be due to the gases emitted from the nozzle and the shape of the jellyfish, it is a physical reaction corresponding to the pressure emitted from the nozzle of the rocket coming into contact with the outside,” Combs explained.

Witnesses witnessed the event for a long time “silver light” Depending on the location you looked at, it had a shape “luminous jellyfish” what or what Many are related to some meteorological phenomenon, but not. It was a rocket that took off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

“Less expansion means that the nozzle exit pressure is > setting, so the gas has to expand more (pressure drop) to equalize. Excessive expansion means the nozzle exits P < setting - too stretched", The expert explained in a photo published on his networks.

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After the controversy, SpaceX shared that this would be the twelfth flight of the Falcon 9 and that it had previously been launched by the Crew Demo-2. This phenomenon can be seen with such intensity, before the dawn of May 7. howeverthe news is “diffuse” hours after the event.


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