“TikTok will be closed on July 28th”: Alarm among users |  The truth behind the sudden announcement
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Panic among TikTok users: the viral message heralds the imminent closure of the well-known social platform, here’s the truth.

Chinese matrix platform Tik Tok It has gained wide popularity in recent years thanks to its speed of use, as well as the speed of finding the required content.

TikTok videos are, after all, a throwaway Viral trends on the netAnd it allows you to get a wide view with minimal effort. They have in fact allowed many creators to carry out their activities on the network, allowing them to create original activities economic empires.

However, in the past few hours, a particular message has been worrying the web: in fact, the message reports about a file TikTok will be shutting down soonestimated on July 28 next.

We’ve tried to clarify the press release: is it another chain letter linked to fake news, or does it have real risks?

The message on TikTok

For the past few months, it has been TikTok Banned by various institutions, in the first place among representatives of the US Congress. The same applies to employees of the European Parliament and the UK government. Finally, the state of Montana has banned the use of TikTok for all citizens.

The frightening danger is what TikTok, of Chinese heritage, can do Exploitation of sensitive data in favor of their government. The downloadable app from Italy is international, so user data will not be available to Chinese servers, TikTok CEO said Shaw Zi Qiu She has not yet clarified her position before the US Congress. Moreover, in the past few hours, an alarming message bombarded the well-known social platform. Message text: “Dear users, TikTok will be closed on July 28, 2023 because it is full. Many members have complained that TikTok is too slow. This shows that there are many active members and many new members in the conflict. If you are active, please copy and paste the message to 15 other users to prove that you are active. Anyone who does not send this message within two weeks will be removed without hesitation to get more space“.

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TikTok - solospettacolo.it
TikTok – solospettacolo.it (web resource)

In conclusion

The viral message on TikTok It is in no way dangerous to users: This is the classic chain rhetoric, intended to create panic and mislead the platform’s subscribers.

You can then Calmly ignore ominous warningswhether displayed on video, or stamped into professional-looking info graphics.


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