Tomb Raider: Underworld, the cover has been reimagined by a popular digital artist throughout the 25-year saga

After a special month dedicated to Tomb Raider: Legends With illustrations drawn by fans and a short summer vacation, Crystal Dynamics It resumed its 25th anniversary celebrations of the epic with a new cover. It’s from Tomb Raider: Underworld, part of which was published in 2008, has been reimagined by Laura H. Robin, digital artist Swiss who worked with UbisoftAnd Simon & Schuster even Square Enix And Crystal Dynamics from the past.

Principal art Tomb Raider Underworld revisited 25th Anniversary cover art work by Laura H Rubin 1

It was inspired by the duality Lara Croft In this adventure to achieve artistic work Between Shadow and Light, which you can download In different formats at this address, Why not renew your case design.

The big challenge in reinterpreting the main artwork for Tomb Raider: Underworld was getting Lara together with her evil partner. The two look almost the same, but very different, and it was also clear that this was not a “psychic double”, (ie the dark side of Lara herself), but an independent character in the game.

Inspired by old movie posters, it brought the two characters together, creating a classic “antagonist” look. However, I shifted them a bit so that they are seen as two different people. The stone part in the background shows several northern runes, which refer to the main relic (Thor’s hammer) in the game. So my goal was to portray two strong female characters: Lara Croft, the brave and brave as we know her, and Lara’s evil partner watching her from the shadows.

Principal art for Tomb Raider Underworld has completely revisited Laura H. Rubin's 25th Anniversary art cover workIf you haven’t done so already, Shadow of the Tomb Raider available from 13.75 euros in Amazon.

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