Top 14. UBB - Pav:

After the defeat in Toulouse (12-11), I said we were in a hurry in the match against Division Paulos. Just a little week, here we come. We had a study week. We closed our mouths and went back to work on Tuesday in view of training. Now we need to stabilize it on the ground.

After failing in Toulouse, you talked about wastage in training. Did you feel too much application this week?

Yes, we have seen a very fluid, highly organized, highly structured game. We were very good at the details. It has been a long time since we have been trained in this quality. Now the only real answer is this Saturday at 5pm. We may have enjoyed a good week and are confident about it, but the important thing is really this next match.

“We could have completely exploded, given up, seen each other push-ups, but it’s not like that.”

Was there real awareness?

Yes, but not since today. Still, this week, we worked differently. We lost three games in a row and after all, we are still happy to work as a team and be united. We had a three-week small slump against three major teams, including two direct competitors. We could have completely exploded, left, and seen push-ups on each other, but it wasn’t like that. We always feel hungry.

They say you always lose hope through failures. Where are you at this level?

We are still at the same point in the evening of the defeat in Toulouse. Today, the engagement we found out this week, we have to play again to find out if we can find them in the top 14 match. That is the only question we ask ourselves. Because in the mood, on the defensive side, we have no uncertainty. On the other hand, monitoring efforts, redesigning built-in game launches, breaking security, these are all things we need to review in a match.

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Are the incomes of Matthieu Jalibert, François Trinh-Duc and Bastien Vergnes coming in on time?

Yes they are coming at the right time. We saw Matthew and Franுவாois with freshness. Bastian, we know everything he can bring to the team. These three elements brought a lot of freshness and appetite. I think this has something to do with income and this week’s rugby changes.

Beyond finding a way to win again, shouldn’t UBB show its competitors a 1?Re Isn’t it easy to take up space?

We need to show that we are still there. For three weeks we forgot a little bit. We accepted failure for no reason. We always say it’s our fault. It’s time to show that we are here. We come home after a failure, so we have to mark the territory.

What is your view on the next rival faction Paulois?


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