Top 14. Avec stabilité, constance et une défense, Quesada veut croire au Top 6

After a fine finish to their team’s last season (which was sadly hampered by a heavy defeat to Racing 38-21), Stade Français fans could have expected the same performance from the Pink Soldiers, or even better. And that’s good, because Antoine Berban’s teammates also count on their good momentum, while trying to maintain greater consistency throughout the year. Anyway, that’s what Paris coach Gonzalo Quesada said via RMC : « Depending on what counts on us, we’ve worked hard to bring more consistency and consistency into our season “.The persistence we want to maintain alongside Jean Bowen, especially in the field of defence, which cost the French stadium so much last season according to their coach: “ Our defense was erratic (last year), and it should be more efficient A note definitely referring to Al Sadd against Racing 92, where the Parisian defense was completely bypassed.Video summary. Top 14. Galaxies Race 92 takes place until the break against ParisIf the Argentine has long relied on the idea of ​​”persistence”, it’s because he is acutely aware of the challenge that awaits his men if they are to grab a place in the vault again. “ If we want to go back to 6, when we see stables like Lyon, like Toulon, like Castres, like Montpellier that couldn’t come back, you have to know that every weekend will be a capital (…) Giant Challenge Caution and humility are the passwords on the side of Stade Français, which is nonetheless pleased to have been able to maintain a solid framework, without making much change within the workforce: We lost some good players, picked others, but the team has remained fairly stable. Half of the workforce has not changed ».

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Thus, sporting and administrative stability is the key to success, according to Kisada, who wants to draw inspiration from the big teams in the tournament: ” We are trying at all levels of the club to create this stability and it is very important (…) We can also see it with the teams in the top six, with the presidents and coaches who have gone through different periods. A clear goal (…) and this has not been the strong point of the field for years A solid base, paired with athletic fortitude, is what the previous opener wanted, in order to “keep growing.” So the Parisians are warned, and they will have to fight all season if they want to compete in the playoffs. Even if the competition remains tough, the champions France 2015 nonetheless presents themselves as a strong outsider to be counted on in the race.


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