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NIS America announced that Legend of Heroes: Paths from Zero It is released on September 30 in Europe for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store). This message is accompanied by a story trailer.

At the NISA Europe Online Store you can buy for it Playstation 4 And the Nintendo Switch Pre-order the limited edition. In addition, there is the “regular” physical version, the deluxe version. There are English words and Japanese voice acting.

When Lloyd Bannings is assigned to the Crossbell task force, he and his new cohorts must prove themselves against injustice in a corrupt city.

The two titles for Crossbell duology, Tracks Zero and Trails, are translated to Azure, in collaboration with Geofront Group. Geofront is a group of volunteer translation artists, and for many fans, this is a great sign that NIS America is collaborating with this group for localization.

New story trailer


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