Antoine de Cuis: This delicate interest sent to Marina Vaux at Césars 2021

Antoine de Kounis gave an interview to Tele-Leisure This Sunday, February 20, 2022, on the occasion of the new Cesar concert, which will be broadcast on Friday, February 25, and which he will present. He took the opportunity to reveal the gesture he had made towards the mistress of Aryan festivities, Marina Vu.

Friday February 25 2022, Canal + Cesar’s new concert will be broadcast. This forty-seventh concert will be presented by Antoine de Cayons. A role he’s used to because this is the 10th time he’s been leading the festivities. The least we can say is that José Garcia’s friend does not intend to be deceived by events that are too political or too trivial. According to him, the Cesar concert has lost its luster for several years, and it is important to return the cinema to the heart of the evening: “I’m not here to float the ship, But let’s start again on the rules that were for a long time those of the Caesar : Show an evening as warm as possible, even if I get criticized every year because we can’t please everyone. If we give prizes to deserving people, we also give a TV show to viewers on the other side of the screen who expect there to be a beat, and that it vibrates a little and doesn’t last forever.” capture to Sunday newspaper On January 28, 2022.

In the continuation of the interview, He said he didn’t want to be in Marina Voss’ place Who had to face the 2021 version is complicated, in particular due to the health crisis of Covid-19 or even the occurrence of Corinne Masiero.

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“I even texted him the day before to encourage him.”

A party in which the actress decided not to participate this year, as she confided to JDD This Sunday, February 20, 2022: When you have nothing to gain, you can also watch the thing on TV.” But Antoine de Cayons clearly does not forget that. asked by Tele-Leisure A few days before he hit the stage, he’s back last season and the criticism he may have received, especially regarding jokes: “They have tried fuses on another log with Blanche, and my deepest conviction is that only Blanche Garden can do Blanche Garden! Just as only Marina Vaux can do Marina Foie”. He then took the opportunity to reveal the kind gesture he made to Marina Vaux before she came up on stage: “Poor Marina, you have sympathy! I even texted him the day before to encourage him, because I saw the thing coming and knew it was going to be complicated…” Good friend Caesar goes to…


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