Superstars Stefan Ross, Anna Karina and Wechk star along with Alexander Klaus in The Passion (photo montage)
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Two disciples of Jesus (Alexander Klaus) in “The Passion” – Stefan Murus and Anna Karina Wojczak – and experienced emotional moments (photomontage) © Caroline Seidel / Rolf Vennenbernd / dpa

Stefan Gross and Anna Karina Wojczak played disciples of Jesus in “The Passion”. At the RTL event, which took place in Essen on Wednesday (April 13), the successful couple witnessed an emotional spectacle. Even tears rolled.

Essen – After production of the RTL has been postponed twice, “Passion”, where the last days of Jesus Christ are freely recounted, can finally be shown on Wednesday (April 13). In the updated version of the Bible material, Alexander Claus (38), who personified Christ, was able to rely on his disciples, according to the original. The successful co-stars included Stefan Murs (46) and Anna Karina Wychuck (29), who were totally overwhelmed by the live action.

Pop stars Stefan Murs and Anna Karina Wojciech on ‘Passion’

While “The Passion” was mercilessly torn apart by many RTL viewers, others were deeply impressed by Essen’s musical evening. This also included Stefan Murs and Anna Karina Wojczak, who accordingly commented on RTL’s “Punkt 7”: “This is a farewell to Jesus… Jesus knows what’s going on, he feels it. He knew he was going to be judged. Or the end – standing there side by side ”, the 46-year-old popular musician moved excitedly.

His wife also recalled emotional moments she was able to witness during production: “Tears actually flowed in the audience. We were very touched during rehearsals, and the pop singer described a “chilling feeling” in the audience and among the performers.

Schlager fans celebrate ‘Passion’ – praise of Stefan Murs, Anna Karina, Witchek and Ella Endlich

“The Passion” was particularly well received by Schlager fans – perhaps also because in addition to Stefan Mross and Anna-Carina Woitschack, the multi-talented Ella Endlich (37) also took part. The singer played Mary, the mother of Jesus – and delivered one touching scene or another!

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Anyone who’s already developed a flair can look forward to another event taking place next year: Stefan Murs, Anna Karina and Wychuck have created a new concept for their 2023 tour. Sources used: Point 7 (RTL)


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