Several assemblies were planned in front of the regional sites of the Communications Group.

Six labor unions from the Orange Telecom Group filed a strike notice on Tuesday, September 21st in order to obtain a salary increase. The CFDT F3C, CGT-FAPT, FO-Com and SUD-PTT, as well as two non-representative unions (Unsa and CFTC), are calling for a strike.”All employees, apprentices, contractors and assistants as well as employees and non-citizens exercising their functions in all departments of the UES (Economic and Social Unit) Orange».

Several assemblies are planned, in particular in front of the square of the headquarters of the North District or in Brest, in front of the Orange Building, and in Rennes. CFE-CGC, the group’s first consortium, did not join the signatories to the letter dated last Monday. Union asksEmployment and wages policy no longer dictated by dividend guarantees and the only development of Orange . share pricesWage demands were opposed by unions and operator management for several months.

Maintain purchasing power

In mid-July, all representative unions except CFE-CGC refused to sign the agreement resulting from the mandatory annual negotiations (NAO). Then they deniedReassessment below minimum wageIn a call with AFP last week, Orange reported that in July it dedicated the following:Total budget 1.8% of salary increase salaries for 2021».

«We have also pledged throughout the crisis (linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, editor’s note) to maintain the purchasing power of employees.“Operator support. In her letter, intersyndicale also requests”Review the company’s real estate policy in order to (…) not regulate the creation of open space and/or flexible office».

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«Huge investment in network deployment and maintenance” as “The return of good social dialogueFinally claimed. Orange reported a net profit of €5 billion in 2020, an increase of nearly 60%. The company also announced a plan to save 1 billion euros by 2023.


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