Travel and quarantine, stops in the European Union, United Kingdom and Israel from May 15.  More Covid-free flights with USA

Stop at Stone For those who move between the European Union countries or those who come from semi-fortified countries like United kingdom And Israel, more flights Coronavirus diseaseFreedom between Italy and the United States and infection-free air links to Dubai, in light of the exhibition. These are the main points that appeared on the operating table between the Ministers of Di Maio and Health Speranza.

Quarantine suspended from May 15 – The summit took place this morning: in the center it reopened its doors to foreign tourists in light of the summer period. As far as it has been learned, starting May 15, the mini quarantine of people from European countries will be bypassed. The same is true for citizens of Britain and Israel. B.It will remove a negative swab or vaccine. Instead, those who have already contracted Covid in the past six months will have the same prospect. In fact, these are the same rules in place in Italy for traveling to non-yellow areas. The government’s goal is to reopen the door to all foreign countries that have achieved a high level of vaccination. That is why we are working on defining a standard on which all foreigners above can come to Italy.

Folly Covid-Free – Regarding the United States of America, according to what comes out of the meeting this morning, the free flights for Covid will be strengthened and by mid-June, the goal is to reopen it by canceling the quarantine also for tourists from the United States of America, while always applying the same standard (the swab) . Or a vaccine or a covid). The government is also organizing free Covid trips to Dubai, where the expo will start from October.


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