Twitter launches new features for paid subscribers

The idea has been around for months, and it has become a reality. Twitter launched in Australia and Canada Twitter Blue, a paid subscription service Open access to new functions.

The Guardian reported that l 3.49 Canadian dollars and 4.49 Australian dollars per month (or 2.3 euros)Premium subscribers will have access to additional tools that allow, for example, to move tweets recorded in folders, view topics in “Reading Mode” and take advantage of the new colors of the application.

But above all, they will be able to edit a tweet in the first seconds of posting it in case of immediate regret or if they want to correct a mistake, The functionality that the majority of users have been expecting for years.

This is the first time that it is a leading social network Create such a system For features intended for specific users, while advertising is increasingly present.

“People who use Twitter a lot have told us that we don’t offer features that meet their needs,” explained platform representatives. he will change. And for those who wonder, No, free Twitter won’t go away. “However, it will not be possible to get rid of ads on Twitter, even with a paid subscription.

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